Feb. 22nd, 2017

momo: (Glee Lady Justice*)
So. As I've mentioned before, I'm hugely into audio books. And I started listening to this series, called "Collars and Cuffs" which is (supposed to be) set in Manchester, UK. (The author actually did a better job with setting in the 2nd book, fyi.) It's about the members of a BDSM club and how they find love and happiness and BDSM bliss.

I've just finished the 3rd book and ... before I send of my scathing review on audible, I figured I should run this by other people.

I'm making this post public in case I need to link it to other people. Warnings for mention of abuse (emotional mostly) and referenced forced prostitution.

Description of plot and my issues with it beneath the cut, it's very long and NSFW )

I will, however, listen to the next book in this series as well because I want to know if the author is able to redeem herself, or if she keeps fucking up like this.

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