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 I'm still nervous about being responsible for all the money, but at least the auction is going well! We're almost at the goal we set, and I'm having tentative hopes that we'll exceed it. That's incredible news!!!

Also, I'm watching Hot Pursuit, which is a) a cop/road movie with two female leads, b) stars Reese Whitherspoon and Sofía Vergara, c) shows what happens when men underestimate women and when white women underestimate women of colour. I can more than recommend this movie. It's fun, and it's actually got some 3D female characters, one of which is a WOC.
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I'm a feminist who loves TV & enjoys movies, adores her friends, occasionally writes fanfic (and rarely finishes them), almost always reads fanfics, nerds about Harry Potter, moons over Bradley James and others (esp. when blond/e), collects picture books and colouring books (but rarely colours the latter one), procrastinates, organises fan convention(s). I'm domestic, a librarian, going on 30, and anglophile. That's all you need to know to begin with XD