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To track my progress for my two most recent recording projects, I figured I'd start two charts :)

The podfic project is a lengthy Merthur fic I'm recording (over 82k, which should be over 10h of podfic in the end) and the other is a children's story for December that I'm recording for my niecelings. Let's see how I'll do, eh?

Also, I'll keep messing with this and adding columns because I'm a big fan of spreadsheets and this is what I do.

Podfic Project

PartRecEditedWords/ChWords OverallLength rawLength editFinal LengthBeta
Prologue18.08.1700.00.0000/5,5005,50000:00 ~00:40 
127.08.1700.00.0000/14,50020,00000:00 /~02:40 
201.09.1700.00.0000/9,20029,20000:00 /~03:50 
307.09.1700.00.0000/6,50035,70000:00 /~04:40 
417.09.1700.00.0000/8,70044,40000:00 /~05:40 
522.09.1700.00.0000/11,10055,50000:00 /~07:10 
601.10.1700.00.0000/9,00064,50000:00 /~08:20 
703.10.1700.00.0000/6,80071,30000:00 /~09:10 
808.10.1700.00.000/9,40080,70000:00 /~10:20 
Epilogue20.10.1700.00.000/1,50082,20000:00 /~10:30 

Personal Project

ChapterDate RecordedDate EditedLength/Ch rawLength Overall raw
1. Dezember10.07.2017 00:1600:16
2. Dezember10.07.2017 00:1300:29
3. Dezember11.07.2017 00:1300:45
4. Dezember12.07.2017 00:1300:58
5. Dezember12.07.2017 00:1501:13
6. Dezember12.07.2017 00:1401:27
7. Dezember13.07.2017 00:1601:43
8. Dezember13.07.2017 00:1301:56
9. Dezember14.07.2017  00:1102:07 
10. Dezember14.07.2017 00:1702:24
11. Dezember14.07.2017  00:1402:38
12. Dezember    
13. Dezember    
14. Dezember    
15. Dezember    
16. Dezember    
17. Dezember    
18. Dezember    
19. Dezember    
20. Dezember    
21. Dezember    
22. Dezember    
23. Dezember    
24. Dezember    

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I'm a feminist who loves TV & enjoys movies, adores her friends, occasionally writes fanfic (and rarely finishes them), almost always reads fanfics, nerds about Harry Potter, moons over Bradley James and others (esp. when blond/e), collects picture books and colouring books (but rarely colours the latter one), procrastinates, organises fan convention(s). I'm domestic, a librarian, going on 30, and anglophile. That's all you need to know to begin with XD