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Title: Christmas Holidays Aren't What They Used To Be
Author: momotastic

Pairings/characters: Merlin Emrys/Arthur Pendragon, Gwen Smith/Leon Knight, referenced/mentioned/implied/past: Gwaine/Percy, Merlin/Freya, Gwen/Lancelot, Uther/Ygraine, Gaius/Geoffrey
Rating: E
Word Count: ~32.000
Warnings: minor character death (canonical), a bunch of smut inbetween the plot, schmoopiness
Disclaimer: Merlin and Arthur are characters from legends of old and therefore free for anyone to play with. However, in this particular form, the characters resemble BBC's Merlin's cast. I make no money from this, I'm only using them to indulge my need for some Christmas smut and the urge to write all the movie fusions.

Author's notes:

I wrote this in just a few weeks and I'm amazed that I finished it, and that it got so long. I meant to make this a short fic, but apparently I don't do short. *shrugs* I wrote this, in part, for the [ profile] merlincarols fest hosted by my friend [ profile] gaymerlinhell. The song I claimed is "Child of Love" by Sara Groves. I've included a playlist with the fic, if you're interested in listening to it.


Neither Gwen nor Arthur expected to find so much when they switched places for the Christmas holidays. Arthur in a tiny village in Surrey, England, and Gwen in Los Angeles, California each find much more than they bargained for in the two weeks leading up to Christmas. The only problem is: What will they do with what they’ve found once they go back home? [Loosely inspired by The Holiday]

Story link: AO3
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Tis the season for holiday fanworks and holiday songs!

[ profile] merlincarols is a new Creative Works Fest for the BBC Merlin fandom- open to all sorts of fanworks, pairings, and characters! The one requirement for each fanwork is that it’s inspired by a holiday song. The song can be music in a fan video or plot inspiration for a fanfiction, whatever inspires you. Signups run from 11/26/16 - 12/10/16. Like most fests, the goal is to create a sense of community by creating prompt based works for a short amount of time.

Want to sign up? Hop on over to the community and lay claim to your song of choice here. Make sure to read the rules! If you have any questions, please reach out to the mods (pendragoff and momotastic27 on tumblr, who's [ profile] momotastic on LJ) at and we’ll be happy to help!
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[profile] would be so nice...

2. I haven't had a new hat for a long'd like a hat...

3. I wish someone would make a fanart for one of my fics

(unfortuantely all the fanartists I know do speak English and my FF are all in

4. A new ring.
   My old one I bought in the USA two years ago broke andI don't have a new one so far...

5. A paid account for LJ...I really would like one...15 free Icons would help me a lot...
   And a mood theme without any complicated introductions to get it up and use it...and a
   individual's just $5 for 2 months but I have no credit card and
   my parents would never give me theirs...

6. A poster of Dan Radcliffe
  [ profile] elles_fics only talks about him and I really kind of fell in love with that guy...and what I need
  is a nice poster of the sweety

7. A VW-Mini...I love these cars...they are so cute!!

8. A meet-up with Shah Rukh Khan...One just for me (or maybe one or two friends of mine)
  where we have a bit time to talk...

9. A FF devoted to me...I'd like a HG/SS or a DM/HP...or alternative one that includes me
   and either Severus, Harry or Draco (or all the three of them^^)

10. Finally something at least my German friends may know...Walter Moers writes great books,
   such as 13 1/2 lifes of Cpt. Blueberry (the title really exists in English, I saw the book in a
   british book shop!)...and of course he wrote more than this...e.g. Rumo
   For the last christmas my brother got the audiobook of Cpt. Blueberry and I really would like to
   get another one...especially the     one of Rumo It's one of my favorite books of that author...
   I'd like the audiobook of "Rumo"

So...I just changed some of the points at the beginning...I know that everything on from Number 7 is...well...a bit illusional...but what about the paid account?...*I'd do anything for you*


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